Good Night

By ellenmae on 4th Aug 2020

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Imaginations are in our mind

So sensible and kind.

At night when we are alone

Thinking about the day to come.


Dreaming of good things in life

The reason why we are still alive.

Things that made us special

And probably change our life.


The night is indeed so special

Looking up high in the sky.

Full of stars shining so bright

Relaxing our thoughts in a while.


Moon radiant glowing in the dark

Makes a difference for the day so tough.

Close your eyes and dream for tomorrow

Embrace the night with positive thoughts.


You can choose great dreams tonight

The way you want to be.

Just let the moment be

Giving a new wonderful meaning tonight.


The night takes away all the pain

Give us hopes for a new start.

Sleep tight and have a very good night.

Feel fresh, as it will be a new day!



July 10, 2020


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