A day in a Beach

By ellenmae on 4th Aug 2020

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Once I have told,

Going to the beach

Surely you'll find the feeling

So peaceful and comfortable.


Walking in the seaside,

Smells the wind with the breeze,

Picking up seashells

Happiness all-day out.


Feels the waves inside the water.

Sounds like the music of nature calm my heart.

Take away the sadness

Feelings from the heart.


Heavy rain pours from heaven above,

Seems like a sign to take away

Sadness tears from the eyes

From hidden feelings inside.


Watching some children,

Playing and running around.

Friends are chatting

And playing sand games everywhere.


Sometimes you can see,

Lovers walking holding hands

Enjoying every moment

They were together.


A day at the beach is not complete,

Without catching the smooth waves.

Playing on the sand

Like you were always young.


Someday I will come back

And feel the calmness you bring in my heart.

I will always treasure

The moment I felt all day round.



July 9, 2020