I Love Myself

By ellenmae on 4th Aug 2020

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Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Who am I?

I need to figure this one out.

It's frustrating not knowing me,

For myself, I'm a little bit shy.


Sitting in the corner,

Thinking for the future to come.

Failures everywhere,

So scared to be alone.


One day, I began to love myself.

Hold onto my hopes and dreams.

My fears are less than it seems.


Rain may pour heavily

The sun will shine again.

It always remains

And all the darkness will fade away.


Once I found HOPE

Encouragement was overwhelming

Begin to trust me again

And do the things I loved the most.


I hold my head up high

And feel the warmth

That will remind me of

What am I truly worth?


"I love myself!"

I began to rise up

Follow all my dreams

And transform my life.



July 3, 2020