Puppy Love

By Jay-Mie on 30th Jul 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Puppy Love


Those tantalizing eyes

That cute little nose

Your bedazzling smile

And your dark smooth... smooth hair....


I can hear my peculiar heartbeat

Louder and faster as you come near

Nervous, timid, wanting to run away

But no.... I long to be with you


You're my first definition of love

That everytime I see you

Secretly glancing my way too....

I feel heaven... I'm on high, afloat


When one day, a friend gave me

A letter coming from you

I bit my lips... if it was a dream,

I don't ever want to wake up


I LOVE YOU, the letter says

I closed my eyes

And clutched the paper close to my chest

Silently I screamed, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!


Oh!... those letters

Full of adornment, endearment

Overflowing with the innocence of our childhood

You were ten and I was nine, but so in loved


My sweet sweet love, my puppy love

We were not meant to be

Our forevers had been written on the stars

But your memories, I will forever cherish 💗

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