Of A Substance

By Jay-Mie on 30th Jul 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Then I was born from my mother's womb

Nourished and nurtured by the milk from her breast

And the blood that runs through my veins

Is her own blood, and my flesh, is from her flesh


How I wish that in my innocence

As she hums a lullabye and dances in the twilight

With eyes undistracted with nothing

But the beauty of the small soul in her cradle

Have seen this precious moments in faded photographs

But neither her face, nor her scent are vivid, None of which was even in my memory


How could life be so deceitful

Her death came too soon

She departed before I even come to my senses

So in my childhood

I saw myself being raised by royalties

Of her majesty queen

Without her own king

Spent half of my life in a castle full of strangers

I was tilled by unfamiliar hands

Who changed only my name, but my identity, As to who I am, unprevailing


Instilling values




That when adolescence came

And love knocked on my heart

They kept me imprisoned

Thrusting in me a hand of steel

Suffocated, i dared to set free

Shattered, I called up from the heavens,

Mother,,,,, why have you forskaken me

I escaped to find my roots


I unraveled the chains

That has kept me tied for years

Like a puppet that was pulled up by strings

Dictated, controlled

When at last I was able to breakfree

I ran from my den and never looked back

Forgiveness, I fervently asked

But If it's ungratefulness, mock me with all your heart


With freedom

I had the first taste of sun sweet berries

I came face to face with life's bitter sweets

A warrior, an Athena to my own battles, I fought my own war, independent, invincible

I fought for love

---- for marriage

---- for a child

Now that I am a woman, I have no fortune in my hands

But a life far more worth than millions

I am a woman with substance





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30th Jul 2020
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