The Unseen

By Jay-Mie on 30th Jul 2020

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

Behold, your enemies are unseen

Hidden in the shadows of your fears and weaknesses

Be guarded with your emotions

You are fragile

Whilst they are traitors, unscrupulous

And in conspiracy with vengeance


Your heart is their battleground

Unstoppable until you're breathless

Let your mind seize the day

Emerge as the victor, casting them with

All authority

Remember, you are the lone captain of your life


Be wary, be malleable

They sneak in when you're offguarded

Attacking, backstabbing!

Let every incision, be your strength

Instead of downfall

Let every pain of stabwounds that has torn your core

The force that will lift you up


Forbid them not

The sweetest taste of your destruction

Let them surrender into your power

You are a fortress

A knight in shining armour

Fight with valor,for

Behold, your enemies are unseen

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30th Jul 2020
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