Make Yourself Proud

By ellenmae on 25th Jul 2020

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When I learned I have you on my womb,

Happiness is all that I felt.

Carrying you at my very young age,

You are not planned but never been a mistake.


You come out to the World not hearing you cry,

Melts my heart scared of losing you so fast.

You are truly a precious gift from above,

Thank God for trusting you to me.


Watching you grow up is like a diamond that shines.

You've been specially made for me to loved and hold.

You are the sweetest and very innocent child,

Your smile takes all away from the pain.


Leaving you so little as 5 years old,

My heart breaks into pieces,

Sacrificing for a better future.

I am so proud of how you've become.

You've grown so fast and strong.


I miss you so dearly! I love you so bad!

Longing for your hugs and kisses.

I know you're happy or having a bad day.

I wish to offer a shoulder to lean,

When feeling down and uncomfortable.


I can be your friend,

Listens to everything from your heart.

I can be your enemy if you feel so down.

I want you to keep in mind,

I am always your Mother.


I may not be a perfect Mother,

Far away as you grow up.

Harsh and unfair sometimes,

Someday you'll realize,

I taught you well because

I do love and care.


I wish you to be a good daughter of mine.

But most as a good child of God.

Work hard for your dreams to come true.

Be sweet and humble as you always do.


I may not be always at your side,

I believed you are good enough.

Can manage to stand on your own.

"Make your self proud!"


Step up and keep going,

Wish our dreams will all come true.

Have faith, trust yourself you'll be there,

May the good Lord will do the rest.


July 5, 2020