How to be Loved by a Mother

By ellenmae on 23rd Jul 2020

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I was just 2 years and 5days

God took you away.

A baby's heart and mind

Melt and broke into pieces.


It's very sad to say,

I can't remember any memories.

Growing up can't fight a feeling

Longing for your love and attention.


Tears fall freely from my eyes

Like a river filled with grief.

Wishing a warm hug

From a mother's loving arms.


"Mamang, help, and guide me."

Those are the words I always asked.

There's an ache within my heart

That will never go away.


I wish someday I can be with you.

I can feel you so dearly.

How to be loved by a loving Mother.

I need you and I love you truly.



June 30, 2020