Fear in Darkness

By ellenmae on 19th Jul 2020

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Days of endless trials,

Ending up to a self depression.

It will never go away,

Seems nobody cares.


The darkness surrounds me,

It's getting so cold.

I am all alone,

No one else to hold.


My world is empty,

Everyone's left.

My heart is crying,

No one bothers to care.


Feeling I was left behind,

Not being loved by anyone.

No one cares to understand,

No one even tries to listen.


I wish I could change,

I could make it better.

I wish for another chance,

You will come and save me.



My fear in the darkness,

Always been in my heart.

I hide them over and over,

Pretending to be someone

I am not.


Forget all the pain in my heart

Hiding deep inside.

Someday time will come,

All the fears were gone.




July 19, 2020

Daily life in Covid 19