By OdyHorizons on 14th Jul 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong


By:Melody Nadal

Aka Ody Munson


I'm alone in my vast endless cage.

Writing in my endless page.

Just don't include any rage.

As I need to watch my back, can't do any mistake.

Guiding, listening to my own narrowing track.


Way back everyone was present, I got company.

Now everybody was hiding intentionally.

Avoiding corona global internationally.


We all feel weary, with do much query.

Shivering if fear, there's always worry.

How to calm down when you can't see your enemy.


Leave, why you keep on coming back.

Your not welcome here didn't even want ,to spell your name.

Lots of lives ,are in pain invain.

Washing away your dreadful effects, here comes, pour it, heavy rain.

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