By OdyHorizons on 8th Jul 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong


By : Tita Ody


You brightened my day with your, sweet voice.

I feel like I'm being swayed in clouds.

When you sing,the whole world was cheering.

Birds are chirping.


Rainbow 🌈 starts to appear.

It will start the works of wonder.

Such innocence purified out clouded mind.

Just looking at your angelic face 😍 happy thoughts arrived.


Someday ill ask for your autograph.

With a love that's sealed being wrapped.

Can't wait to see you grow into the good person.

Your mother is moulding you preparing for this nation.

I'm hearing a commotion, waiting online to hear your golden voice.

That's one good choice.


Right now let's play with Ana and Elsa.

One thing is for sure I won't let you go.

Instinct to protect you.

That's what your playmate mother leopard 🐆 will do.



#you made my day Lilly , you gave me motivation to write something for you.

Cute smart kid , love your voice.

I could see the good future waiting for you.

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