They looked at you with discerning eyes

Your mystery is hidden by your shadows

Faint smile appears on your lips

But alast it is the show off that you have masterpieced


They may see a woman

But never a mother nor a friend

Unknown to them are your battles

Neither they think about your sacrifices

Nor how you cheered with your triumphs and cried for your losses


They may see finesse

But the truth is, you are a prowess

You stood through many storms

Your tenacity, they know less

You showed pure meekness and never the tigress


They will never hear your eloquence

Because you speak their language

Neither are they aware of your flairs

Spill the beans? You'll never dare

Rejection, that's always your fear


They may see you laugh

But the darkness witnessed your sobs

And the silence, hears your unspoken sorrows

Your dissappointments and your rants

All written on the wet pages of your diaries


Who you truly are?

You are as a whole an enigma

Enchanting them with your charisma

You are in any way existent

But by all means, to the world a silhouette....

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Added 19th Jun `22
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