By OdyHorizons on 4th Jul 2020

Horizons: home for talented migrant workers in Hong Kong

Thank you.


Pangyao RTHK how I will say thank you.

Will my poem be enough?

My way of sending you my love.

For the opportunity your giving to migrant workers.

Aplatfirm full of consideration.


Pangyao my friends, hand in hand, we carry a happy life together on your good intention platform.

There's always a place for everyone to grow.

When I will met you all to grab elbows and personally say a simple thank you.


Pinoy Life in Radio Television Hongkong.

Hope your air time will be a bit long.

Your program touch migrant workers life.

Moulding as to be proud and bright.

In this society we need you with all of our might.

Sometimes life is hard and tight.

If I listen to you my mind becomes happy and lite.


Here comes the channels of my motivations and inspirations.

Big heart Martin.

Talented Aileen.

Dj Ron come along.

Hope my poem will reach you.

Were very thankful we really do!


#prompt,Thank you so much Pangyao founder Martin , Aileen , Rthk with Dj Ron. For the wonderful opportunity you guys giving to us migrant workers here in Hongkong.

Being a guest today to recite my poem in Pinoy Life RTHK is so motivational inspiring,that's what a writer needs to write.

Sending my Love through poetry admin Ody Munson of Horizons.

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