By:Melody Nadal

Aka:Ody Munson


Finding my reflection

Through my meditation.

I'm with my inner self, questioning me , am I a good creation?

What's in store for me,depends in my action?

Am I included will I be in salvation

Even if there's corona virus, God gave me life and protection.


What have I done to deserve this?

Am I enough or it's too much , or am I not paying attention.


Do I deprived other people with love?

Did a made peace with the white dove

My heart is beating, shy of my shortcomings.

I apologize only human being , with such unsure feelings.


Did I play my part giving back to society.

I'm that lucky,I'm surrounded with positivity.

With a fragile agility.

Trying to comprehend in my own ability.

Who can answer my quiry, is the Creator, Almighty?

And me myself, and my own Reflection.

Me as an important Creation.

Always be thankful, attribute positivity to our nation.

Through the next generation reflects a good reflection, repeatedly if you believe in reincarnation of your reflection.

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