During pandemic days here in HK and not going out during holidays (Jan to April), I focused myself to do things so that will not feel bored. I created my youtube channel and I wrote a lot of poems during these days. But instead of worrying on things that are beyond  our control, I just let my heart and mind speak thru poems and quotes.



Liittle did i know that this thing will shock the world

Never anticipate that it would bring a big load

Lot of lives are affected

Nobody nor nothing is expected


Little did I know that our lives will back to basic

Staying at home to contain and prevent this pandemic

Kinda sad and a little bit toxic

But no choice to do it rather than to get sick


Little did i know this Covid 19,

Til it become the smallest worst enemy,

Hoping someone will find some cure

For the situation is obscure


Staying at home is stress, doing nothing is a bored thing

But sometimes doing nothing is the best plan of attack

Just have faith and believe that everything will be back on the right track


So little did we know that everything can happen

Virus and toxic are enemies of the world

So be vigilant and be environmentally concern

For we love our lives so discern and learn.

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