Writing is Hope

by Ron R. Lacson


Writing is hope that transcends illusions

It roosts in the heart, it dwells in ink

The words never fail, they provide options

And when I write, my hope won’t sink


Writing is hope, in stealth warm embrace

Like a sparrow that flies, and wind as its bed

Happy in the moment, splintering on the face

And when I write, hope is in my head


Writing is hope, chaliced like a good wine

Its taste and its color, matured by faith

The words when captured, all are divine

And when I write, my hope does wait


Writing is hope, clean and never dappled

It is never blind, the message is glaring

Like a soul with destiny, expected to be called

And when I write, hope is what it’ll bring


Writing is hope, the site of a morning dew

Pure and fresh, the start of a day promise

Each droplet tells, it pays not to be blue

And when I write, the path to hope, is never amiss!

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