Music Teacher, Drummer of Qi

Added 25th Feb `21

1. What is your name and what do you do?

I am known simply as Manx. I am an Audio Visual personnel in an International School in Pokfulam and a drum/piano tutor.

2. Tell us a bit more about your music/band and what inspires you.

I have had music influences from my grandfather (Mariano Dotillos Sr.) whom I heard from as a child, he would play scales with his trumpet almost every morning as his routine; my dad (Mards Dotillos) who was a pianist and arranged songs for musicians in Hong Kong in the 90’s; and my mom (Winnie Dotillos) who was a dedicated singer. I was exposed to different genres of music like jazz, pop, rock, etc. and of course OPM. Now, I am the drummer for my band Qi where band members from different countries (France, UK, HK, Israel and Philippines) collaborate ideas to compose our songs. Generally, I am inspired by music itself on how it affects our emotions. I appreciate and listen to different genres and apply the knowledge I have learnt over the years, to the music I play.

3. Ethnic minorities comprise a large population here in HK, what improvements would you like to see?

I would like to see music festivals and concerts where performers from all ethnic minorities showcase their music. Music is an international language after all, so I am always amazed when a music collaboration is performed by people of different ethnicities

4. How would your Pangyaos describe you?

Frankly, I might not be as friendly-looking from the outside but I can assure you that I am the opposite.

5. Advice for budding musicians

Study. Explore. Practice. Experiment. Perform. 

6. Any band promotions/upcoming projects?

Our band just released our EP this month.
Buy the EP here:

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You can also watch our very first music video here:

Qi will be releasing two more songs in the first half of 2021. One being a Chinese Song and the other a Love Song. I owe ALL the talents and blessings I have, to our Almighty God! Thanks be to God!