Annaliza V. Aquino
Horizons Senior Poet Pangyao & Daily Contributor for Pangyao's Poetry Corner

Added 10th Dec `20

1. What’s your name and how would your Pangyaos describe you?

My name is Annaliza Villegas Aquino a.k.a. Anna09. I am from Inmanduyan, Laoac, Pangasinan, Philippines. My pangyaos describe me as sweet, jolly and full of positivity. I can impart them good advice to uplift and motivate them. Most of the time they would say "you're an angel". To my poetry home my mommy Ody says I'm her happy overdose pill, as I always make her laugh, she said she's so fond of my sense of humour especially to food, food is life, during pandemic simple things matter, my Pangyaos love to hangout with me as they said I'm jolly, bubbly and cool, no dull moments.

2. What motivates you at work?

To help fulfill my children's dreams, to have a good future is my goal and that motivates me at work. Pushing me to keep going so I can see what's at the end of the rainbow, hoping there's also a food included in the pot of gold 😁. There are tough times especially when I'm sick and feeling lonely but I keep on going just to fulfill their dreams and fulfill my duty as a good parent to them.

3. When you’re feeling homesick, what do you do to occupy yourself?

When homesickness is attacking me, I write to ease the feeling of loneliness. I'm writing all my emotions and what's inside my mind and heart to release all the pain and avoid myself from getting into depression. I'm glad there's Horizons to serve as the outlet of our emotions. I am currently a Horizons Biography princess and a Senior Poet. Horizons is a home for talented migrant workers in Hongkong and all around the world founded by Melody Nadal a.k.a. Ody Munson during this pandemic tough times. It is built to help us be healthy in mind and be positive always even when we are facing crisis in our lives at the same time preserving our Philippine literary culture. Poems are preserved. I'm also Horizons daily poem contributor to Pangyao group, Pangyao Apps, Poetry corner with my Pen name Anna O9, though basically I'm very occupied, try to download Pangyao Apps everyone , I'm recommending this app to all of you especially to my fellow migrant workers. Please check my poems, too. I'm also very busy participating in different daily segments of Horizons. Monday - A Monday night with Annaliza and Tagalog Day with Power four Tuesday Poetho Challenge we are writing a poem about a particular picture. Tuesday Singing Day, I'm singing with my brothers and sisters in horizons, just mommy Ody gave me special title Anna Diva as I'm not a very good singer even if the notes are leaving me I'm always running after and chasing them 😁 Wednesday - Horizons Diary day, first and exclusive to Horizons where we are writing our diary in 3 days but in poem form. Thursday Dialect day where we are writing poem using our different Philippine dialect. Friday Cooking day poets are good chefs too. We're showcasing different foods that we're cooking in our employers house better than keeping it unused in the galleries, it's very helpful to have ideas from the Horizons members in making menu for the week. I'm very active in all segments.

4. What is the best thing you like about living in Hong Kong?

The best thing I like most about living here in Hongkong is when I found my first and only literary home that inspired me to be at my best especially in my passion. I can't believe 'till now I performed in 2 big International Online poetry platforms,One Step closer 4 and Carnival Of Poetry. My first ever poetry recital was in front of our Consulate General Raly L. Tejada in his office at Philippine Consolate during our Oath taking and until now I was mesmerized. I have learned lots of life's lesson to be cherished. I am with supportive friends who will treat you as their own family and will never bring you down. You will always be at the right direction when good people surround you. Horizons and all of our masterpieces are for the next generation, poetry will not stop from us, our legacy will be carried unto the next generation.I'm so proud to be a part of this group as again, I can say this is one of the best thing I liked being here in Hongkong, and mark the date December 15, 2020 I'm going back home for good, this is my opportunity to say thank you Hongkong thank you Pangyaos, but I will keep on writing, sending my poems to Pangyao App. Working overseas as a domestic helper will not hinder all your dreams and it's not the reason to stop reaching all your goals in life. The best part also is I'm with my real mom where money can't buy real happiness.

5. What advice would you give to your Pangyaos?

There are lots of good advice to be imparted but based on my own experience I would like them to know that Miracles do come true. Everything happens in God's perfect time. You may not know the answers now but have faith, don't search for the answers it will lead you to stress and disapointments. Instead, pray for wisdom and answers will come unexpectedly. You will realize that God destroys your plan because He knows that your plan will destroy you. Never lose your faith. Faith is different from belief. Learn the difference. Wisdom is different from knowledge. Live with change. Be positive always. Never allow a room for negativity, believe me...your life is a miracle. Take good care everyone. As what Mommy Ody said, a poem is a gift to whoever person reading it, this is my advice to the budding writers and talents, keep on writing, keep on motivating and be an inspiration. Try to get out from your comfort zone so you will truly find where you belong. Thank you for reading everyone, I appreciate you all much.

Anna09 Horizons Senior Poet Pangyao daily poem contributor