Elena Verzosa
Enrich HK Ambassador

Added 25th Nov `20

1. What is your name and the name of the organization you represent?
My name is Elena Verzosa. I am an Enrich HK ambassador.

2. Tell us more about your group’s advocacy.
Enrich HK is a Non-Governmental Organization that gives migrant domestic workers financial literacy
and empowerment. Students learn on how to manage their income through the five core courses of the
The courses are:
(This is my own experience with the five courses)
1. Money Wise Migrants – I was taught on how to manage my income and learn how to make a
comprehensive monthly budget. Many students have managed their loans and even avoided it after
they finished this course including myself.
2. Growing my Money – in this course, I was taught on how to save properly and put my money in a
legitimate company where my money can grow.
3. Setting Up My Business – I learned on how to become an entrepreneur from this course. And making
business plan no matter how small or big time your business you have in mind, it is really important to
have a plan first. And I learned it through the interactive activity.
4. Money and Family- in this course, I learned on how to balance my family’s needs and my own
personal needs while away from. It is important to let your family be involved in your plans and let them
know and understand your purpose why you are saving, for example.
5. Speak Up – in this course, I was able to be more vocal to express my real stand regarding financial
matters through good communication. Saying NO to the unnecessary demands from family and friends
should not be a thing that you’ll feel guilty about.
Plus there is Lunch & Learn and Mentoring Program; short term or long term. Enrich also offers
Financial Counselling.
As one of Enrich’s ambassadors, I help spread the importance of financial education to fellow migrant
domestic workers by giving the syllabus and leaflets during outreach.

3. How do you sign up to the courses?
You can sign up to the courses by visiting Enrich HK’s website at www.enrichhk.org. Create your own
personal account using your email address. Once you has signed in, you can see all the courses offered
on that quarter.

4. What social issues would you like to see improve?
The oldest social issue that I like to see improve is poverty. Poverty is one of the reasons why most
Filipinos left the country and become migrant workers in foreign countries like Hongkong for the hope of
earning better than we used to have. We all wanted to uplift our family’s life and financial status back home. And we can only achieve this through proper money management and self-discipline. And
educating our family member back home as well.

5. Advice for fellow migrant workers.
To my fellow migrant workers, especially to those who are new in this kind of job and in Hongkong,
always think about your dreams and goals you have before you had decided to be a migrant worker.
Choose friends who can help you improve yourself and avoid friends who drags you down or gets you
involve in loans or scams. And if you are already experiencing these things, it’s never too late to take a
U-turn and pick yourself back up. There are so many ways on how to spend your day off productively.
There are so many organizations where you can learn skills and help improve your talents. And one of
these, is Enrich HK. But all of these organizations and their programs are just the guide and tools. It is
still up to you if you will use them or not.
Change begins within you. It is your own willingness and determination that will help you achieve all
your goals and change your life. And no one will ever do that favor except yourself.