Leizl Rosales
Pangyaos Group Moderator

Added 24th Nov `20

1. What’s your name and how would your Pangyaos describe you?

Hello Pangyaos, my name is Leizl Rosales a.k.a Ezssel. I am a small but cute😁 jolly and optimistic person loves to spread positivity to others. I love challenges at work, im very compassionate in everything i do. I’m enthusiastic in every hardship i face which all in all make me a better version of myself compared to my old timid self

2. What motivates you at work?

Thinking of my dreams and goals in life are my motivations to do my best at work. My family back home is my inspiration to become stronger. I graduated the degree of Bachelor of Science in Communication. After my graduation, my Alma Mater had adopted me and worked there as as Research Assistant. But because, my salary was not enough and I wanted a better future for my family, I decided to work abroad. Working for my first employers had been a toughed years for me. But with patience and prayers i was able to finished my contract. At present, I am happy looking at a western family. This family change my mind to cross other countries like Canada. My boss is very happy with my work ethics. I am not only doing a domestic duites but also,he let me do his meeting appointments, assist him in his bank matters, and most of all he let me deal with some documents that he needs in the office. In short, i am like his private secretary. My employer has appreciated much of my abilities and efficiency at work. As a result, he offered me a higher salary double the minimum salary and sometimes higher when there is overtime. I enjoyed much of doing it as I can use my knowledge and work ethics that I’ve learned during my past jobs. I also traveled three times in Germany on my own.

3. When you’re feeling homesick, what do you do to occupy yourself?

It’s not easy to be away from my family, but looking beyond the possible good result of my sacrifices helps me and my family as I believe to have a better future someday. During my off day, I go to church, eat some to my favorite cafe’s and restaurants, i mingle with my trusted friends, read some books, and of course it’s family day. I also play volleyball but i get too tired when i get home so i stop for the moment😊

4. What is the best thing you like about living in Hong Kong?

In my 9 yrs here in HK, the best thing happened to me is to actively involved to some Filipino Communities like Social Justice for Migrant Workers that cater to help my fellow migrant workers who are experiencing distress at work. Also, a community Poetry Section called Horizons. I’ve been discovered by the mother of Poetry Ody Munson. While in Horizons, I developed my talent in writing. She pushed me and all the members to write poems. With her influenced and guidance , I became a Senior Poet. At Horizons i also able to showcase my talent in singing. To find success in life be sure that you are on the right page or platform, and your surrounded by people whom your sharing same passion, and be with leaders who will lift you up ,guide you , be there when you need a lot of encouragement so you could accomplish something. Thankyou to my Mommy Ody My Horizons founder ,who brought me to Pangyao I'm here one of your Moderators, willing to extend a helping hand. Through Horizons, I met Pangyaos (founded by Sir Martin Turner and Ma’am Aileen Alonzo-Hayward). The Horizons Family is very thankful to Pangyaos too for giving us a space to show up our written pieces.

5.What advice would you give to your Pangyaos? 

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” -adopted- My dear fellow Pangyaos, I want to encouarage everyone, to develop your talent and to accomplish something during pandemic. Keep learning and do not limit yourself from what you can do. Explore and learn more. God bless and Love u all Pangyaos!!!😍