Rona Joyce Wong
Co-founder of the Cosie Corner

Added 16th Nov `20
1. What is your name? 
Hello everyone! I am Rona Joyce, I’m one of the co-founders of the Cosie Corner. I help to source fun crafts, film and edit tutorials. I have a 9-5 job that I love (because I get to work with non-Chinese) therefore I only have time to volunteer after work and on my day offs.
2. Tell us more about Cosie Corner and how did you get your idea and concept for your passion project?
It was a collective idea by the family to create this passion project, this platform, that we call Cosie Corner. We wanted to create a platform where we help non-Chinese women to learn and grow; such as learn how to craft, how to take care of their well-being, a place where they can develop their skills and support each other while integrating in Hong Kong. We know that it’s a BIG goal but we’re doing it anyway and hoping to help anyone within our means.
The concept of creating this project started because we noticed that most arts and crafts workshop don’t cater to non-Chinese, either their tutorials are in Chinese or that the workshop fee is too pricey that not all can enjoy all these fun activities.  We want to make crafting accessible to non-Chinese women so that they can enjoy the process and maybe develop a skill in one of the crafts and sell it themselves (achieving financial empowerment at the same time, why not?). In our platform, we also have the materials and tools prepared in each craft kit. You don’t have to look everywhere to find all the necessary items to craft. We have it ready for you at a very affordable price. 
In short, we want to integrate crafting, self-development and community participation all together, hence the Cosie Corner platform. 
3. What does “Cosie” mean? Is there any special meaning? 
Do you know that “Cosie” actually refers to a girl, the best friend you will ever have. The best friend who is hilarious and beautiful and kind. Who also has a beautiful voice and loves cats and tea. A total sweetheart. (According to Urban Dictionary) We want to be someone like that. 
Cosie actually means Cozy too, they’re the same. We hope to create a cozy and supportive platform/community for the non-Chinese women in Hong Kong. We need all the support we can get from each other.
That’s what we want to create here, we want to foster friendships and support non-Chinese women in Hong Kong. We can be best of friends in the web. Friends that craft together, motivate each other and grow together! To our new found friendship on the internet and hopefully meet in person!
4. Who are behind Cosie Corner? Are they all family?
There are 4 of us behind Cosie Corner. We are all family. We co-founded Cosie Corner. We’re hoping that this may turn into a family business sometime soon and hopefully become big that we are able to help non-Chinese women by having them to the team.
- The Boss lady behind Cosie Corner is mommy Nancy, she oversees the project. You don’t see her often because she is shy.  
- The Social Media Manager is my sister Nina, who is currently living in the Philippines and who is very fond of arts and crafts as well. She helps with promotions and sometimes content creation.
- My partner Tommy and I volunteer during our free time where we help to source crafts, film and edit tutorials. 
5. What are your goals for Cosie Corner?
Our goal for Cosie Corner is to boost the well-being and integration of non-Chinese women in Hong Kong through our online sharing platform, focusing on encouragement, self-development, and community participation. 
We also aim to provide access to non-Chinese women to fun, diverse and affordable crafts because we believe in the power of crafting. It enables us to relax, relieve from stress, have a sense of accomplishment, enhance confidence, and so much more.
6. Any advice for our Pangyaos?
Crafting is not as hard as you think. You don’t even need to worry if your craft is “perfect” or not, because everyone’s crafts will look unique, just like yourself. Share your creation to the world and celebrate the diversity! Don’t be scared away by crafting just as you should not be afraid of trying anything else and making a mess. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, enjoy life.