Nabina Pun
Community Engagement Officer, Pathfinders

Added 10th Sep `20

1. What is your name and the name of the organisation you represent?

Hi! My name is Nabina Pun and I am a Community Engagement Officer at Pathfinders. I manage the English speakers in our Train The Trainers ambassador program, an essential part of our Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) engagement. 

2. Tell us more about your group’s advocacy.

PathFinders is a registered charity organization that helps Foreign Domestic Workers in distress and their Hong Kong born babies. We ensure that the most vulnerable and unsupported children are protected and respected and their mothers are empowered to find a path to a brighter future for their children and themselves. We believe that every child deserves a fair start in life. 

After more than a decade in supporting FDWs in crisis, we are now focusing on crisis prevention by empowering FDWs, educating employers, and proposing practical solutions. You can read more about us and our services on our website

3. How would a migrant worker get in touch with Pathfinders?

FDWs can learn more about us on our website and follow our Facebook page PathFinders for Migrant Workers to keep updated about our upcoming offline/online events and workshops. 

For them who are pregnant and/or have a child and who need help, they can directly call our hotline: +852 5190 4886

4. What social issues would you like to see improve?

I would like to see improvement in the fair and equal opportunities and implementation of laws in Hong Kong for everyone, regardless of their professions and countries of origin. 

5. Advice for migrant workers.

Apart from your regular work, please be informed about your rights and actively participate in sharing useful information to your friends and community. Sharing is caring! If in doubt, we are always here to help!

6. How can people help or donate to your cause?

We heartily welcome anyone who wants to help us in any way they can ( 

Some ways to help or get involved are monetary donations, essential supplies donations and partnerships via volunteering and interning with us. Through the ongoing ‘Bridge the Gap’ fundraising campaign, to support NGOs like PathFinders, kind-hearted people can donate to PathFinders, which is one of the beneficiary charity organizations. 

FDWs can also take part in our cause. FDWs can join the Train The Trainers Programme which aims to empower FDWs to become PathFinders' Ambassadors and educate their peers about Maternity Protection and the importance of making well-informed life decisions while working in Hong Kong. Each PathFinders' Ambassador is provided with bespoke training to enable them to professionally deliver our messages with confidence, accuracy, confidentiality and in a way that is culturally-sensitive. Visit our website for more information about our ambassador program.