Raymond Ponoc Flores
Founder, Smart Ones

Added 18th Aug `20

1. What’s your name and Migrant group you represent?

Raymond Ponoc-Flores, Smart Ones *friendship and unity*

2. Tell us a bit more about yourself and your group’s purpose.

We have a project helping unfortunate kids called Send to School Project (SSP)

3. How do you sign up to be a member?

Originally, the name Smart Ones was derived from the Smartone network. It started through texting, and since there was internet before, all our members have to use the Smartine simcard to communicate through free unlimited texting.

4. What improvements in Migrant lives would you like to see?

As an OFW, I wish each and everyone to have a better life, better than the life they left back home.

5. Advice for our fellow migrants

To my fellow OFWs, our life and work here is really tough. Especially now with this pandemic. So let us help each other, let us pray, kepp healthy, keep safe and unite as one family.