Ron R. Lacson
Radio Presenter, RTHK Pinoy Life

Added 27th May `20

Please tell us about yourself!

My name is Ron R. Lacson.  My friends call me Ron. My family calls me Roni. Those who like me a lot call me Ronron. My teachers and professors call me Ronaldo. The bankers and those who are responsible for giving me money call me Mr. Lacson. My enemies (I have none so far) don’t call me.
 Pick your choice. 

I am a freethinker. Hong Kong has been my domain for many years now. Through the years, imposing changes have occurred in my life; some pleasant and some… a bit disagreeable. But I welcome all changes; they’re inevitable. They’re what made the person I am now. For example, during this pandemic, a change happened to me. I stayed home most of the time. I was eating more often than I should.  In an INSTANT, I gained a couple of kiloGRAM. So, I said to myself, “Hmmm, this must be what they call… INSTAGRAM.” 😊  

I love reading and I write what I think whenever an opportunity is presented. Often, I scribble anecdotes of common people that transpire on ordinary days; this makes me happy.  When I was 8 years old, I wrote a story about an 8-year old boy who had a crush on a 15-year old girl. It was published in KOMIKS. I became instantly famous and was a celebrity in our family. My story competed for an award in the National Atlas Writing contest. I got the 5th prize (I was number 5…yeheeey) overall from nationwide entries. My family was so proud of me. I just did not tell them that there were only… 5 participants.  😊

I am also very inquisitive. I usually ask relevant questions that allow me to discover some uncomfortable truths. One time I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. He was a left-handed person. He uses his left hand when writing, he uses his left hand when holding a book, etc. I told him that he is peculiar. “Why?” he asked. So then, I asked him which one he uses when stirring his coffee? “I use my left hand too,” he said. And that’s when I confirmed that he is not an ordinary person. Why? Because he uses his left hand when he stirs his coffee; normally, most people use … spoon. 😊  

Ethnic minorities and migrant workers comprise a large population here in HK, what improvements would you like to see?

I would like to see a huge improvement in educational opportunities and equality. It is going to be so meaningful to see in schools and communities the rise in relevant activities that promote cultural and knowledge exchanges between ethnic minorities and local Chinese.

I also would like to have a citywide organised dialogue and forum services to help the migrants comprehend the available resources (education, medical, job opportunities) for them to have a continual drive as useful citizens of Hong Kong.

The other thing that will help astronomically which I would like to see happening is government-funded regular language courses (Cantonese, Mandarin, English) that provide a methodical and efficient way of teachings, which will result in effective communications among migrants, ethnic minorities and locals. 

Advice for our Pangyaos here in HK?

Be resilient. Be passionate. 
Find something that you love doing, then do it consistently and learn more about it.

Live every day in your life like it’s always the day you are excited to learn new things. Learning is fun.

Share. Share what you have learned, share your passion, share your knowledge. It's only in sharing that you find fulfilment in enjoying what you have.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Just do your best in every endeavour you make. Start again if you have to. The best life can offer is its ability to tell you that you can always start again; and it does not matter where you are in your life now. Don’t be afraid to begin again. Don’t be scared to break out of your shell again. 

Where can we listen to your program or read your work?

Everyone (earthlings and aliens alike 😊) can listen to our Radio Program called PINOY LIFE. I enjoy doing it every single time with my lovely and wonderful co-producer/co-presenter Aileen Alonzo-Hayward. It’s every Sunday / 4pm to 6pm at RTHK Radio 3 / AM 567.  Everybody can also go this Pinoy Life link where they can listen to all our marvellous episodes:

All human beings can read my work and write-ups on my FB account. They can follow me at:

People can read my blogs at PANGYAO under Roni.lacs at: