Bonn Jerick Mora
Moderator of PANGYAOS Facebook Group

Added 24th May `20

What’s your name and how would your Pangyaos describe you?

Most of my really close friends think that I'm really a funny person, a joyful one. And some think that I'm talented and kind. Well can't blame them coz I was brought up by my parents to be kind, to help if I can. To be happy and contented to what I have. And to showcase my ability to inspire others to use their talents wisely.

What motivates you at work?

Of course my family, especially my mom who sacrificed half of her life working for me and my brother. I am working hard to give in return even if my mom doesn't ask for it. But as a son, and my personal principle is to give love to our parents because they loved us first.

When you’re feeling homesick, what do you do to occupy yourself?

I enjoy singing. I love music a lot. So most of my vacant time I listen to music, i sing and sometimes I dance. I also love reading ebooks and watching movies.

What is the best thing you like about living in Hong Kong?

First is security, even though there are lots of happenings around recently, I still feel secured. I can still go to work without harm. Second, are the places you can go to when you bored. And lastly, my employers. It may not be best thing for others but I am blessed with good employers that's what I am very thankful for.

What advice would you give to your Pangyaos?

Just to be thankful. Appreciate every good or bad experience that is happening. There are more reasons to be happy than to be sad. God never allow His children to suffer, there are trials on the way but there are more blessings at the end. So just keep our faith , trust our God and be prayerful.