Tynna Mendoza
Senior Program Manager

Added 20th May `20

Please introduce yourself and the organisation you represent!

My name is Tynna Mendoza and I work for the charity, Enrich HK (Enrich).

Please tell us more about your organisation's advocacy.

Enrich is the leading charity in Hong Kong that promotes economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers. Our financial and empowerment education workshops empower domestic workers to escape debt, save for their future and achieve their dreams for themselves and their families.

How can people sign up for Enrich classes and workshops?

Our workshops are run most weekends and public holidays in English/Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia. To sign up for our classes, create your free Enrich Account on Enrich website (www.enrichhk.org).  Check out our workshop schedule and register online.

Due to COVID-19 our workshops are currently taking place online. Download the Zoom video app in advance to join sessions easily (Google Play / App Store). We hope to resume our face to face classes. Follow us on Facebook for further updates: Enrich HK (English) or Enrich - Bahasa Indonesia

What social issues would you like to see improve?

I would like to see improved provision of educational opportunities and financial literacy training for migrant domestic workers so they could adequately secure their future and of their families.  Migrant domestic workers come here for financial reasons and we benefit so much from their care contribution - did you know that in 2018, migrant domestic workers contributed HK$98.9 billion to Hong Kong’s economy?

I hope to see broad, easy and fair access of migrant domestic workers to financial services especially in opening bank accounts, saving, investing and even borrowing money. Generally, many of them rely heavily on lending companies to ease their financial difficulties. With fewer options and opportunities for them, they resort to illegal and exploitative loan transactions. Compounded with financial literacy, a better regulation on lending companies that particularly cater to migrant domestic workers can help ensure that our helpers are given fair opportunity and protection. Hong Kong benefits so much from the care work of migrant domestic workers. They should be acknowledged as skilled workers that deserve skills development training, comprehensive benefits and recognition. 

Do you have any advice for fellow migrants here in Hong Kong?

Dream! You do not have to be a domestic worker forever! Set your goals and make a plan to achieve it. Focus on your goals, put a price tag and expiration date to each of these, so you can plan to go home. Every day, do something that will inch you closer to achieving your dreams, no matter how big or small!