Jenely San Juan
Community Building Officer, Uplifters

Added 10th Mar `20

What is your name and the name of the organisation you represent?

I'm Jenely San Juan. I'm a community building officer for Uplifters.

Tell us more about your organisation's advocacy.

Our goal is to empower migrant domestic workers with free online education in money management and personal development. We want to help them achieve financial freedom and make their dreams come true.

How do you sign up for the courses?

To sign up, please visit our Facebook page,  and click the send message button in messenger. 

What social issues would you like to see improve?

I would like to see an improvement in poverty eradication and a strong support system for migrant workers and underprivileged women where they can have access to tools and resources that can help them live better lives.

Advice for fellow migrants here in Hong Kong?

My advice is to continue learning, be strong and resilient. Keep praying and never give up.