Doreimon Nielbo Morales
Moderator of PANGYAOS Facebook Group

Added 9th Mar `20

How would your Pangyaos describe you?

Most of my friends say to me I'm a quiet-type woman, sometimes I snub or ignore nonsense things but I'm a friendly type too

What motivates you at work?

My motivation for my work is to achieve my goal and to help my sister and my parents .

When you’re feeling homesick, what do you do to occupy yourself?

Actually, ever since I started to work as an OFW, I never felt the word 'homesick'. But if have free time, most things that I like are listening music and taking down on my notebook a nice quote.

What is the best thing you like about living in Hong Kong?

The best thing that I like about Hong Kong is seeing beautiful tourist spots, like sea mountain, because seeing nice nature spots keep me calm and give good vibes to me.

What advice would you give to your Pangyaos?

For me, the best advice I can give or share is 
if you feel down or thinking about many problems to solve, the best thing you do first is always keep in your mind that every trial has a reason. You feel down but if you have faith in god and a strong mindset to face it all, your life can survive. Always have a positive mindset even how hard or deep the trials you face. Always be strong, keep going, be positive and pray.

And always say 'fight', never give up.