Pia Leoncito Angeles
Moderator of PANGYAOS Facebook group

Added 29th Feb `20

How would your Pangyaos describe you?

My friend used to call the clumsy one, for i always drag myself unto undesirable situations. I was weak and easy to deceive. Though I tend to address it, I really can't, so i just surround myself with friends who can guide me. So though I'm the "clumsy" one I knew I have pangyaos whose around me all the time.

What motivates you at work?

Everyday I always make sure that I've given my part at work. I wanted to be at my best always. Because I already set my goals, I want to attain it through hard work and with my motivations. My family back in the Philippines is my only motivation. "I decided to work here because of them", this was what I always keep reminding myself every time I'm feeling low.  

When you’re feeling homesick, what do you do to occupy yourself?

Being homesick is an emotion every OFW undergoes. It's a feeling you're not in control, it will attack you any day and any hour of the day. I was one of those OFW who's so weak in terms of handling emotions. Every time I felt the longing I'll burst into tears, I wasn't able to regain myself, my emotions always take over.  During this time I fought using my head I tried to set aside my heart. I need to control myself, because it might affect my work. And these are some of my ways to overcome this emotion, I VC (video chat) with my family, I eat a lot, I watch dramas (Korean dramas to be exact) and most importantly, I always pray. 

What is the best thing you like about living in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a place where migrant workers of any race can freely be themselves away from their country.  There's a minimum restrictions around and discrimination is not utmost. People of different nation can bring their religions, traits and traditions , it isn't restricted here in HK. And most of all, their laws protect not only their citizens but even us, the migrant workers. They give us the benefits we deserve as a human. These are the things I loved most here in Hong Kong. 

What advice would you give to your Pangyaos?

The advice I can offer for all my pangyaos is just put your goals on top of everything. Being an OFW is  one of the hardest work for me.  Because OFW's sacrifice a lot, some give up their career, some leave their kids, some break up, and some result to a broken family. Everyone has their own stories and sacrifices, we are all doing this in pursuit for a better future. So we must set our goals, a time horizon, a plan to attain that better future. And on top of it, be a responsible goal setter, you set your goals, so better be motivated by it.