Kat Roma Greer
Artistic Director, Micro Galleries

Added 1st Dec `20

Micro Galleries, what’s it all about? 

Micro Galleries is a free global arts initiative, social impact project and virtual creative hub that uses art as a vehicle to create positive change. We have artists from all over the world work together online to creative interventions in public spaces, workshops, art tours, talks, artist residencies, and an annual arts festival called Micro Galleries Live. We work together with communities who are in some kind of social or creative need, usually developing communities, and together create new conversations, opportunities, and ways to reimagine our communities and lives. So, think of us as a kind of creative clinic where we empower, and develop innovate creative solutions to local and global issues – all which culminates in our annual Micro Galleries Festival, Micro Galleries Live. MG Live works closely with a community to reclaim disused and forgotten spaces and reactivate them as open-air galleries and a micro festival space with live art and music. And, it’s all free! Bringing together international and local artists, the festival features work that aims to celebrate the community and kindle positive change and solutions.

What are you most passionate about?

Growing up, art changed my life, my mind, my future. I enquire, I think, I debate, I converse, I unpack and assess – this all comes from art. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have this. Art is not a privilege for the few , nor a tool for propaganda. It is the foundation of our history as a people. Everyone has the right to access this, feel like they can find a way into it, assess it, and contribute to this rich narrative.

How would your PANGYAOs describe you?

As an irrational maximiser – I want more change, inclusion and equality, and I want it faster and more creatively than how it’s currently happening. 

How can people get involved with Micro Galleries?  Any upcoming events you’d like to talk about?

Spread the word about our artist callout, looking for Manila Metro-based artists and creatives. We are looking for artists to participate in our next Micro Galleries Live which will take place in Escolta, Binondo in March, 2020. If you are an artist, know anyone creative please go to www.microgalleries.org/events/manila for more information - and if you would like to sponsor or support the event in some way, please get in contact!