Caritas Asian Migrant Project (AMP)

By PANGYAO_Official on 19th Feb `20
Caritas Asian Migrant Project (AMP) Image
Our major service target is Foreign Domestic Workers all over Hong Kong disregard of her Nationality, Sex, Race or Living Districts. Our Project organizes the FDWs into self-help groups and provides employment supportive service, counseling service, adjustment programs and referral services, etc. We help the FDWs to relieve the stress, overcome the hardships of working abroad and to unite the FDWs to strive for the betterment through active discussion and collective participation. Crisis Intervention : Hotline Service, Referral of Shelters, professional Lawyer and Doctor, Mental Health Service Social Inclusion : Language Programs, Orientation Seminar, etc Self-Help Groups : Organize the FDHs with the same background (same nationality & marital status) into self-help group, Release stress arising from work & migration, cultivate mutual support for solving the personal & adjustment problems Social Participation : Mobilize the FDHs to concern the relevant social policies in both sending & receiving countries, to act collectively for the change of the disadvantage social situation