TCK Learning Centre

About TCK Learning Centre for Migrant Workers ("TCKLC") also called "The Centre" amongst its members. Mission We focus on providing education for lower income/migrant workers, especially women domestic workers, many of whom have had limited educational opportunities and have taken up employment overseas to help support their families back in their home country. Company Overview TCKLC is a Non-Governmental Organisation (“NGO”) founded by Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong to serve fellow migrant workers, mostly female domestic workers. It is registered in Hong Kong as an association under the Societies Ordinance and has been a registered charitable institution since May 2012. We are a group of committed volunteer tutors and administrative support staff, the majority of whom are domestic workers (the main beneficiaries of our activities) who sacrifice their two days a week of holiday to run courses for their fellow domestic workers and whose work is complemented by a few volunteer native English language speakers. All of us offer our time and services free of charge as a community service General Information We offer courses and workshops in English language, computer and vocational skills. These take place on Sunday mornings and afternoons, usually in Causeway Bay.