Branches of Hope

OUR VISION All vulnerable and marginalised individuals and communities in Hong Kong will have equal access to resources and opportunities that allow them to realise their dreams and gives them a voice in our society. HISTORY In 2003, The Vine Church was asked to visit and care for an asylum seeker who was being detained. This began a long story of journeying with refugees and asylum seekers through listening to their stories and meeting their needs, whether practical, financial, or spiritual. In 2005, The Asian Refugee Fellowship was formed under The Vine Church. In 2006, the African Refugee Fellowship was created. As our refugee family continued to grow, The Vine Community Services Ltd. (VCSL) was founded in 2012 along with The Refugee Opportunity and Development Programme (ROAD) to continue expanding our services and providing for this community. In 2013, we began to notice the disturbing growth of human trafficking in our region. To better advocate for victims of trafficking, we formed an anti-trafficking initiative under the VCSL umbrella called Stop Trafficking of People (STOP.) in 2015. The goal for 2018 moving forward is to better equip our refugee family for the next phases of their lives and building a path towards reintegration for trafficking survivors. Effective 12 March 2018, Vine Community Services Limited (VCSL) has changed its official name to Branches of Hope.